Very often people sight the vehicles handling as the reason for lowering a vehicle. If this really is the reason, then there are various other techniues that can be use to totally transform the handling of your vehicle without compromising the ride uality. This is especially true for T2's.

I have lowered vehicles, the first T2 I lowered was in the late 80's when everyone was Cal looking beetles, but in truth I have raised more vehicles (ones that had previously been lowered excessively or unevenly) than I have lowered. I grew up arround standard height vehicles and now they just do not look right to me any other way. Of course, this is entirely subjective and plenty of people disagree! All I would say is have a serious think about it before you lower your camper, or any other old VW for that matter.


The tyre specification reccomended by VW for T2's is for a light commercial tyre capable of carrying a load of 950kg at 65psi. It is not unusual to find normal low profile car tyres on T2's, especially on lowered vehicles, which very often have a capacity of about 500kg and only at 34psi. Conseuently the tyres are often overloaded and at the very least tend to suirm under normal driving conditions. It is possible to get properly rated low profile tyres, but this does not tend to be the 'norm'.