Meet Tallulah, our 1971 Crossover Bay.

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She was bought as a complete wreck in Norwich in 2009 and restored by the same person from whom she was bought. Trouble is it was not done very well and, after the 3rd engine was fitted, the guy did a runner. I was left with a van that could leak oil faster than you could put it in and also would not run properly. After ringing someone from the T2 Owners club, I was put in touch with Paul at Mid Norfolk. I was told that he was a top engine builder and would be able to help. So I took Tallulah. He actually managed to get the engine to run better and not leaking quite so much oil. Sadly the engine was beyond full repair, so he offered to build me a brand new one. This new engine is super, it starts first time, it never misses a beat, and so far has not leaked a drop of oil, and it has now done about 4000 miles. I am very impressed. Paul is not just an engine specialist, he has kept our camper in good mechanical order too. Paul is always happy to chat and offer advice and also does not mind if you hang around and chat whilst he works, which to me is important. As long as Mid Norfolk Car Company is there, then that is where Tallulah will go to be looked after. Cheers Paul